Over 65? Looking for travel insurance?

This site is designed to provide peace of mind and a high level of protection for anyone aged 65 or over planning a holiday or any other kind of travel. We feature solid, dependable and well-known insurance companies with world class reputations.

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Not long ago elderly people were shunned by the travel insurance industry. There has been a change in this attitude in recent years and now about a fifth of single trip insurance policies are sold to travellers over 65.

Today, many OAPs are taking not one but several trips a year but most insurers will not provide annual or multi-trip policies to this group, though single trip insurance is often available.

One thing to remember is that travellers to Europe carrying an EHIC card> - it replaces the old E111 - automatically get emergency treatment in other European countries. This does not mean free cover - the idea behind it is that you get the same cover as offered to the local population, and you may have to pay for some of it.

As soon as you get into the 75-79 age group, cover starts rising alarmingly - even if you are fit and healthy. Serious travellers, making several trips a year, should still aim for an annual policy - but the savings over several single trip policies become marginal, particularly if you visit America.

When you get above 80, it may be worth sticking with the same insurer, as some companies will be happy to renew a policy they wouldn't offer to a new customer.

Swine Flu and Travel Insurance

Most travel insurance policies will 'typically' cover the cost of medical treatment if you contract swine flu while on holiday. That's according to the Association of British Insurers. Swine flu will be treated by travel insurance providers as they would any other illness.

Also covered are people who the airline decides are unfit to travel because of suspected swine flu.

Make sure that you have travel insurance, just in case.